Charlene C. Slaats-Gray – President

Charlene is a Certified Independent Sign Language Instructor who has multiple degrees and certificates in American Sign Language (ASL)  

Charlene works in an industry that services the culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community. Her experience working with children with diverse levels of hearing loss comes from her volunteer work at Robarts School for the Deaf. Seeing many deaf children who have hearing parents, she noticed the need, and desire, for hearing parents to bridge the communication gap between themselves and their child.

What began as an interest in American Sign Language quickly turned into a passion for Charlene. That passion led her to My Smart Hands where she will be able to further share her expertise with others.

Charlene Slaats-Gray, Owner of My Smart Hands London is a guest speaker whose presentations are dynamic and entertaining and is available to speak at your event or conference on the following topics:

-sign language to promote literacy.
-signing and the confident child.
-parent and child bonding through signing.
-how to incorporate signing into your programs.
-other topics geared towards your conference needs.

For more information on Charlene presenting as a Guest Lecturer or at a professional Workshop, give a presentation at your conference or class on using sign language to promote literacy email

Charlene offers an engaging power point presentation where she discusses the benefits of using sign language.