Paige Earhart – Certified Instructor

Paige is a Certified Independent Sign Language Instructor who has a degree in social development with an honour in social work.

Paige worked in the financial industry until the birth of her son in 2016 when she decided to stay home and raise her family.

She has a vast background in working with children of all ages, walks of life and abilities. After seeing the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds, especially when it came to hearing parents or families with deaf children, she knew she wanted to help open that communication.

Her American Sign language (ASL) experience comes from living in a family that uses sign language to communicate with her younger sister who is deaf, autistic and has other disabilities due to being a micro preemie.  After seeing her sister struggle to make friends and be understood in society, she grew a passion for bringing awareness of the deaf culture and ASL.

Paige not only sees the benefits of sign language for deaf children, but also for hearing children to lessen frustrations and help with communication at a young age. Bridging the gap between hearing children and deaf children has become a passion of hers as well as helping parents understand their children earlier.