My name is Charlene Slaats-Gray and I am a Certified Sign Language Instructor and President of My Smart Hands London.  My journey into  American Sign Language began while volunteering at a school for the deaf.  In doing so I was fascinated with the concept that hearing siblings, exposed to signing with their Deaf siblings, had what appeared to be a larger vocabulary then their peers not exposed to ASL.   In researching using ASL signs with hearing babies, I learned more about the number of learning styles, specifically visual and kinesthetic, which ASL encompasses, and was amazed at the the benefits it offers.  

I now am very aware that using ASL signs is not only beneficial for pre-verbal babies but for anyone who does not have a voice. I am passionate about offering a means of communication to those with, APHASIA, AUTISM CEREBRAL PALSY, and/or DOWN SYNDROME.  I now still each but also do workshops and specialize in giving lectures to Teacher Education programs, Medics,Seniors and others, on the concept of using sign language to help promote literacy.

We understand that through the amazing benefits of American Sign Language (ASL) you can help give most anyone a “voice”.

Avi practicing his "I love you" sign! Thanks Charlene!! These moments are so unforgettable!
Nashila Dharshi
Nashila Dharshi
My son Linkin, age 7 months old, has learned and enjoys continuing to learn sign language. So far, he knows how to sign milk, diaper, help, sleep and recently he started signing dog. My parents have three. He's been making really great progress and I'm amazed at what he knows and practices daily. It's so helpful knowing what he wants or needs, being that he isn't yet able to verbally communicate. You have been a wonderful teacher and we kindly thank you!
Katie and Lincoln
Katie Webster
My daughter Sophia is 2 years old. She was also born with Down syndrome. Learning to sign along with my daughter has helped cut down on her frustration level, as her needs and wishes are able to be met quicker. At 2 years old she only says a few words verbally due to moderate hearing loss, low muscle tone and developmental delays, but she knows around 50-60 signs in order to be able to communicate with those around her.
Sophie has Down Syndrome
Pamela DeAlmeida
After having put both of my babies through this program with Charlene I can say that it is fantastic and I have no complaints. The songs are catchy and the sign language taught in the program is quite useful. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been having two children who have never been frustrated with trying to get their message across to me because they felt the lacked the means to do so from the age of 6 months onward. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to give their baby/child the gift of communication early in life
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Valerie Klint
My daughter loved going to her baby sign classes ! We took them in the fall when she was 6 months old and she loved the songs and all of the interaction we had in the class. They kept her occupied and content for the majority of class 🙂 Now at 8.5 months she is starting to sign back ! Its amazing to see and know she is understanding what is going on around her !
Chassidy Hill
My Smart Hands is amazing! My daughter is 8 months and can now sign some words competently and is working on more every day. Charlene makes class fun and educational and the babies love the songs! I would recommend baby sign to any new parents. What better way to bond with your baby than through communication and play! Thanks so much Charlene! Violet and I can't wait to learn more in level 2!
Cindy and Violet
Cindy Murray