Baby Sign Language FAQ's

You can start to teach your baby anytime you’d like.  Most experts in the field once suggested waiting until around six months of age but that is more a suggestion for the parent’s sake than the babies.  Generally babies don’t start signing back until 6-11 months of age.  Some do start signing sooner but they are rarer cases.  If a parent starts signing at 2 months and the baby doesn’t start signing back until 6 months that is four months of signing with no reward back.  Some parents will simply give up if it doesn’t work within weeks or months.  However, if a parent starts signing when their child is 6 months old and the babies’ signs back within a month then they feel more rewarded and continue to sign with their child.  Basically, you can start anytime you feel motivated to.  However, the key is to be consistent and not to give up.  We have never seen a child whose parents were consistent in his/her signing not sign back.  Parents who don’t have success usually give up too soon.

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