How do I make sure family and other caregivers keep up signing?

Family members who aren’t as inspired to sign with your baby as you are may become more motivated once your little one begins to produce signs. The caregiver will not want to be in a position where the baby is clearly asking for what he/she wants through sign and they have no idea what it is.  The child will quickly get very frustrated with the caregiver’s lack of understanding.  This will be one way that the caregiver will be motivated to sign with your child.
Another way you can help in this process is by providing the caregiver pictures of the commonly used signs you use.  You can print off pictures, buy flashcards or signing stickers and place them around the house where those signs would be used.  Don’t overwhelm your caregiver, just introduce them to one or two new signs each week.
Encourage your caregiver to view signing as a fun, interactive and educational tool to use with your child.  Just as they would read a book or sing a song to your child, this is just another stimulating activity they can add into their day.  Once your child is signing back you will find that most people in his/her life will feel more inspired to sign as it is a way to interact with the little one.