What to do when teaching baby sign language to my child becomes frustrating?

This can definitely happen!  We tend to be a society of immediate results, we are the ‘fast food’ generation, we want what we want and we want it now!  The key is to try and make it fun and make it a natural part of your daily routine.  If parents get frustrated they should keep in mind that their children aren’t going to talk right away but we still continue to talk to them.  Just because they aren’t signing right away doesn’t mean they won’t pick it up soon.  Try to make signing fun, sign and sing songs, sign and read a book, play games using signs etc.  And remember not to be too hard on yourself.  If you have a few days that you are frustrated then leave it for a day or two and then pick it up again when you feel renewed.  Yes, it is important to be consistent but if you aren’t having fun and it feels like a chore then take a break for a moment.  That way, in a couple of days when you pick it up again you may have a new feel for it.