Workplace Workshops


As educators, we know that there are different types of learning styles in the classroom; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Workshop content and length are customized to the needs of each facility and staff.  Participants will learn hundreds of signs along with simple, memorable ways to integrate sign language into each day. 


Using sign language in your program encompasses all learning styles. The students will hear you when you say the word, he/she will see you make the sign and will also experience/feel the word as he/she learns to sign.


These workshop content and length are customized to the needs of each individual facility and staff.  Teachers will learn about the research supporting the use of sign language in the classroom, they will be given resources and will be provided with vocabulary specific to classroom use.


For homeschooling families, workshops can also be taught to both the parents and the children at the same time. (For this option adjusted Level 1 pricing would apply)  


Cost: TBD  (four-hour minimum), plus manual fees


ASL is a valuable educational tool that can enhance lessons for children of any age.  Ask me how!


This sign language signs course could help save lives.  This is a basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs course verses ASL in its fullest context.  These workshops are designed to give health care providers the tools to incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) into their everyday. Your staff would be taught ASL signs for emergency situations, some of which would include signs such as family members, people, numbers, alphabet and other common emergency signs.  These workshops are designed to suit the specific needs of your school or business.


In addition, we talk about and give an understanding of the Deaf community and teach facial expressions and their importance when communicating with the deaf/hard of hearing. (in applicable situations) 

Cost: TBD  (four-hour minimum).